Friday, February 5, 2010

The second birth.

The second birth was almost the opposite of the first.  I had a planned homebirth with a CNM(certified nurse midwife).  We took a childbirth class that was given by the nurse that worked with the midwives.  In essence it was a Bradley Method® of Childbirth class.  I never made it to the last class because I went into labor at 38 weeks. 

Labor began in the early morning beginning with some bloody show (the mucous plug dislodging from the cervix).  I remember going for a long walk trying to get things going.  I pushed Linda in the stroller as I walked with a couple of friends in the neighborhood. 

I had an appointment with the midwife in the afternoon and she thought I would definitely have the baby within a day or two.  I stayed pretty active just doing the normal things I usually do, trying not to get too excited.  The contractions were still light and infrequent.  When I went to bed that night I thought I would sleep through the night.

About 2 in the morning I called the midwife, and she came over to check me.  I was just in early labor.  She told my husband to get me up at 8 am and get me moving. He was instructed to call again when things got serious.  So that is just what we did.  I got up at 8 am and got breakfast ready and just worked around the house.  The contractions got serious quickly.  Our midwife arrived about 10am, I think.  I am remembering back almost 27 years so some of the details are a bit fuzzy.  Once Laurie arrived I was getting close to transition.  I asked her when I could get back in bed.  She told me when I was ready to push the baby out.  I remember taking a shower and sitting on the toilet.  Once I sat on the toilet, I got a strong urge to push.  I could not get up from the toilet.  Every time I started to get up, the contractions came one on top of another.  She told Karl that he would have to pick me up and carry me to the bed if I could not get up after the next contraction.  I mustered up the strength to make it to the bed and I was ready to push.

I pushed for about 5 minutes, my water broke on its own, no tearing, no episiotomy, the perfect birth!  Baby was 7lbs. 14oz.!  I felt victorious! and healed through this experience! I almost forgot, absolutely NO PAIN MEDS~ Complete Natural Birth!

Kathy Voigtsberger
Certified Birth Doula(DONA)
Childbirth Educator

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